31st of July 2017 08:18 PM Link
The buyers market may not last. Severe lack of new home supply. GTA population still growing.

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Hopefully you first time buyers were listening to my post last week! First interest rate increase in 7 years.
6th of July 2017 01:42 PM Link
Not all gloom and doom out there The new TREB forecast puts the average price of a Toronto-area home at between $825,000 and $860,000.
3rd of July 2017 09:41 AM Link
Attention first time home buyers! If your thinking of buying in the next 3 months go out and get pre-approved by a bank right away. Lock in your lower interest rate!!
12th of June 2017 08:12 PM Link
Take a peak at some of my recent blog posts on the latest Planning changes in Ontario and their effect on the RE Market! Ps, I make my my video debut at some point on the page #faceforradio #yeesh!
5th of June 2017 06:31 AM Link
Good summary of what's been going on in the market. The average home price last month was $863,910 — $111,810 more than last May when houses and condos averaged $752,100 — according to month-end statistics from the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) being released Monday.
16th of May 2017 07:55 AM Link
Good article outlining the huge increase in listings in late April/ early May. Key point: cooling does not necessarily mean burst housing bubble. See reference to the Vancouver market.
3rd of May 2017 05:37 PM Link
Good article today in the Globe and Mail. Makes reference that the Toronto Market is following a similar path as Vancouver did last year. 'Vancouver lite'.

Torrid Toronto housing market finally takes a breather
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First 'cooling' measure from the Ontario government to slow down the red hot housing market.
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4th of March 2017 08:38 AM Link
Last year when I posted this the market grew 19-20% year over year (15-16). This past year (16-17) dwarfs that number. That's over 2% a month price increase. Food for thought.
16th of February 2017 07:34 AM Link
Interesting article which shows differing perspectives on the cause of GTA housing growth (over 20%/year!). Article title slightly misleading.
26th of January 2017 07:33 AM Link
30th of December 2016 09:40 AM Link
This article in the Toronto Star does a fairly good job of outlining where the Real Estate Market may go in 2017
17th of November 2016 08:04 AM Link
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Lots of articles today about the federal government's initiatives to cool the housing market. Will be interesting to see if they have the desired effect.