12th of June 2017 08:12 PM Link
Take a peak at some of my recent blog posts on the latest Planning changes in Ontario and their effect on the RE Market! Ps, I make my my video debut at some point on the page #faceforradio #yeesh!
5th of June 2017 06:31 AM Link
Good summary of what's been going on in the market. The average home price last month was $863,910 — $111,810 more than last May when houses and condos averaged $752,100 — according to month-end statistics from the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) being released Monday.
16th of May 2017 07:55 AM Link
Good article outlining the huge increase in listings in late April/ early May. Key point: cooling does not necessarily mean burst housing bubble. See reference to the Vancouver market.
3rd of May 2017 05:37 PM Link
Good article today in the Globe and Mail. Makes reference that the Toronto Market is following a similar path as Vancouver did last year. 'Vancouver lite'.

Torrid Toronto housing market finally takes a breather
20th of April 2017 10:26 AM Link
20th of April 2017 09:09 AM Link
First 'cooling' measure from the Ontario government to slow down the red hot housing market.
13th of April 2017 05:59 AM Link
4th of March 2017 08:38 AM Link
Last year when I posted this the market grew 19-20% year over year (15-16). This past year (16-17) dwarfs that number. That's over 2% a month price increase. Food for thought.
16th of February 2017 07:34 AM Link
Interesting article which shows differing perspectives on the cause of GTA housing growth (over 20%/year!). Article title slightly misleading.
26th of January 2017 07:33 AM Link
30th of December 2016 09:40 AM Link
This article in the Toronto Star does a fairly good job of outlining where the Real Estate Market may go in 2017
17th of November 2016 08:04 AM Link
16th of November 2016 07:34 AM Link
17th of October 2016 07:10 AM Link
4th of October 2016 07:17 AM Link
Lots of articles today about the federal government's initiatives to cool the housing market. Will be interesting to see if they have the desired effect.
18th of September 2016 03:24 PM Link
A huge congrats to Sydney & Adam on finding your forever home! Sad that the house-hunting fun is over as it was a blast, but I'm also so excited for you both!
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15th of September 2016 07:15 AM Link
Tougher mortgage rules by November are expected. More onus on the banks to hold back money for defaults. Interesting read.
18th of August 2016 12:53 PM Link
Attention home buyers. Home inspectors will soon be licensed in the near future! Check out the article below.
4th of August 2016 02:21 PM Link
2016 (to date) has seen an even greater increase in house prices than 2015.
25th of July 2016 06:46 PM Link
Will be interesting to see if this policy cools the Vancouver market, and if it does, will Toronto follow suit? Will be something to monitor for sure.