28th of November 2017 09:12 PM Link
Hmm. Will this disqualify 10% or will they search for mortgages from less secured sources (credit lenders).
19th of October 2017 05:30 AM Link
14th of October 2017 02:50 PM Link
14th of October 2017 02:48 PM Link
Open House tomorrow (Sunday) at 326 Marble Pl. in Newmarket @ 2pm. Cmon over and say hello! #openhouse #firsttimebuyers #house #houseforsale #townhouse #Newmarket
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16th of September 2017 05:27 AM Link
Attention Investors! Interesting blog article on why Hamilton is a great place to invest.
13th of September 2017 01:30 PM Link
Hell All! I will be competing in the Heroes Challenge team event to raise awareness and money for the Children's wish foundation this Friday. If you wish to help support making Averie (12)'s wish come true please follow the link below 🙂
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11th of September 2017 08:11 PM Link
Open House this Saturday (Sept 16) @ 326 Marble Pl in Newmarket (1-4pm). Come join me on the Patio, it gets great afternoon Sun 😎
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9th of September 2017 02:01 PM Link
6th of September 2017 04:12 PM Link
The Canadian economy is growing at quite the pace. Interest rates are raising yet again.
31st of July 2017 07:18 PM Link
The buyers market may not last. Severe lack of new home supply. GTA population still growing.

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28th of July 2017 05:36 AM Link
12th of July 2017 11:04 AM Link
Hopefully you first time buyers were listening to my post last week! First interest rate increase in 7 years.
6th of July 2017 12:42 PM Link
Not all gloom and doom out there The new TREB forecast puts the average price of a Toronto-area home at between $825,000 and $860,000.
3rd of July 2017 08:41 AM Link
Attention first time home buyers! If your thinking of buying in the next 3 months go out and get pre-approved by a bank right away. Lock in your lower interest rate!!
12th of June 2017 07:12 PM Link
Take a peak at some of my recent blog posts on the latest Planning changes in Ontario and their effect on the RE Market! Ps, I make my my video debut at some point on the page #faceforradio #yeesh!
5th of June 2017 05:31 AM Link
Good summary of what's been going on in the market. The average home price last month was $863,910 — $111,810 more than last May when houses and condos averaged $752,100 — according to month-end statistics from the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) being released Monday.
16th of May 2017 06:55 AM Link
Good article outlining the huge increase in listings in late April/ early May. Key point: cooling does not necessarily mean burst housing bubble. See reference to the Vancouver market.
3rd of May 2017 04:37 PM Link
Good article today in the Globe and Mail. Makes reference that the Toronto Market is following a similar path as Vancouver did last year. 'Vancouver lite'.

Torrid Toronto housing market finally takes a breather
20th of April 2017 09:26 AM Link
20th of April 2017 08:09 AM Link
First 'cooling' measure from the Ontario government to slow down the red hot housing market.